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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Moon Disguise Power

Japanese Name: Moon Power, Ni Nare!
First Appearance: English Ep.2, Japanese Ep.3.

See Also: [manga]

In Brief: While not exactly an attack, Moon Disguise Power is still a special move used by Sailor Moon that features a great animation sequence similar to the attacks in the series and is used quite a bit throughout the first two seasons so I thought it worth listing here.

In the anime and manga, Sailor Moon uses Moon Disguise Power to change everything for clothes to sex to even hair style and length! In the Live Action Sailor Moon, it's powers seem to be limited to fashion and makeup and hair styling with Usagi's hair never really changing in length compared to the anime and manga where she receives a bob cut more than once.

In the anime, Sailor Moon seems to be the only Sailor with Disguise Power for a while. It's not until the final season, Sailor Stars that the Sailor Starlights appear in the form of men when they're really women does it become apparent that other Sailors are capable of their own version of Disguise Power as well.

It should be noted that Sailor Venus uses the Disguise Pen to appear as Sailor Moon during the third season of the anime, Sailor Moon S, though this is a borrowing of Sailor Moon's pen and not the use of her own. In the manga however, before she became Sailor Venus, Sailor V used Disguise Power on a regular basis. After meeting up with Sailor Moon and the others though, and the battles moved from detective to cosmic Disguise Power was used less and less.

Cultural: "The Moon is the goddess with three forms: Selene in the sky, Artemis on Earth, and Hecate in the lower world, the world above cloaked in darkness. These forms are reflected in the Moon's phases. As the new Moon She is the maiden-goddess Artemis, always new and virginal, reborn and ready for the hunt. As the waxing Moon, increasing in fullness, She is the fertile mother-goddess, pregnant with life. And as She wanes to darkness, She is the wise crone or witch Hecate, knowledgeable in the magical arts, with the power to heal or transform. Through Artemis, Diana, Cynthia, Selene, Luna, Phoebe and Hecate, the many faces of woman and of the changing Moon are displayed."
-- Taken from

The Move: In the anime, Sailor Moon begins the move by holding the pen up and summoning brightly coloured lights from the orange gem on it's top. The pen is then thrown into the air. It spins around and around with rows of stars appearing in the fore and background.
A golden full moon appears with Sailor Moon's silhouette (naked) in it. She's absorbed into the glowing full moon as the camera pans towards her face and she opens her eyes.
She then poses in her new disguise as two golden stars jump up on either side of her before flying off the top of the screen.

In the Live Action show, she simply aims her Teletia C at a target, takes a photo and her hair, makeup and clothes are transformed into that of the target almost instantly.

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