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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend

1998 Sailor Moon Musical

Sailor Moon

Beginning of the New Legend

Shin Densetsu Kourin

Sailor Chibi Moon is fighting strangers in the future. Usagi and Tuxedo Mask in the present sing of their love as Sailor Chibi Chibi sings with King Endymion. King Endymion is then struck down by Sailor Galaxia and has his Star Seed stolen.

Double Moonlight Romance

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend In the present Usagi is missing Mamoru who is studying abroad. Setsuna, who also has feelings for Mamoru comforts Usagi and makes her feel a lot better.

Shadow On My Sweet Memories

Elsewhere, Sailor Galaxia revives Queen Beryl to help her gather all the Star Seeds on Earth.

Coffin of Darkness

Queen Beryl is happy to be revived but shocked when she is confronted by King Endymion! He tells her that he no longer loves Usagi and that he will work by her side. Sailor Galaxia then appears and welcomes her and presents to Beryl three mysterious servants.

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend At Usagi's school, all the girls plus Michiru and Haruka are playing sport. Endymion then appears disguised as their new gym teacher and tries to get them to all ride the unicycle.

Seishun no Shoumikigen - Freshness of Springtime Life

The Amazon Trio then appear and try to get everyone to sign up. Haruka and Michiru refuse as they're too old and leave. The Amazon Trio are obviously after everyone's dreams so they can become real humans.

Arrival of the Circus Group From the Amazon

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend Everyone then leaves the Trio and runs away. The Trio then break into a transitional dance that leads into Galaxia's hit single,

Galaxia Gorgeous

Galaxia, as well as Endymion and the Trio laugh about how Beryl is being used to awaken Sailor Saturn so they can capture all the Star Seeds of this planet. Galaxia then senses a bright light and retreats. Endymion wonders what she could possibly be afraid of.

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend Amazon Trio no Yume Sagashi - Amazon Trio's Dream Hunt

The Amazon Trio then prepare their circus for the arrival of the girls. Usagi, Rei, Ami, Minako and Makoto soon arrive but after mere moments of exploring the tent, Queen Beryl appears and with the Trio captures and brainwashes the girls and separates Usagi from them.

Muma no Odori - Dance of the Dream Demons

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend After the Trio looks at the Inners' dreams they try to look at Usagi's but are stopped by the arrival of Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto.

Stay Alone

As they begin to fight, Tuxedo Mask joins them and fights with King Endymion.

Tuxedo Mission

Unfortunately, Tuxedo Mask is defeated by his future counterpart and taken to the enemies' base. Sailor Saturn then reawakens and joins the fray and together with her Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend fellow Outers, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Pluto decide to save everyone on their own and teleport to Beryl's base.

Bundled Hearts Makin' for the Right

At the base, Queen Beryl and the Amazon Trio are thrilled that the Inners have joined the Dead Moon Circus as has Tuxedo Mask who apparently was always on their side since Endymion has been placed on their team.

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New LegendThe Outers arrive and begin to fight them back. Super Sailor Moon then also arrives, guided by a bright light, as does Super Sailor Chibi Moon from the future who tells them that her father, Endymion had suddenly disapeared.

Super Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon then perform a Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack on Beryl which knocks her out and frees Tuxedo Mask from her grasp. Sailor Galaxia then arrives though and begins to fight them. They all try to fight back but are no match. Luckily the light that guided Super Sailor Moon shines on the stage and scares Galaxia away. Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend Super Sailor Chibi Moon says that she'll find out what it is and runs after it. The Outers follow her. Tuxedo Mask, alone with Super Sailor Moon comfort each other and promise that they'll free everyone.

Triple Dreams 2008

Kami Koso Utsukushii, Galaxia no Iradachi - Darkness is Beautiful, Galaxia's Irritation

The next day the Amazon Trio host a quiz show on their TV station, Ginga TV (Galaxy TV) with the Inners and Usagi as Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legendcontestants. They're told that the person with the lowest scores will lose and everyone else will win a trip to Hawaii!

One by one, each girl wins and is given one of Galaxia's bracelets (in secret) to wear but Usagi gets every question wrong and is lowered into a pit. The Trio are confused how she has resisted all of their brainwashing. Fisheye thinks it may be because of her beautiful dreams.

Fisheye then confronts Beryl and says that she thinks she's being used by Galaxia and that the Earth will be destroyed. Beryl tells her that Galaxia has promised not to Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legenddestroy the Earth and Hawkeye and Tigerseye pull her away.

Elsewhere Chibi Usa sings of her travel to the past and how she has to save the future.

Chibi Usa no Kokoro Iki - Chibi Usa's Disposition

Usagi then arrives having pulled herself out of her hole and Chibi Usa tells her she followed the light from before and it guided her to the TV station! Michiru, Hotaru, Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New LegendSetsuna and Haruka then arrive and congratulate Usagi for resisting the brainwashing. They all then decide to go to the base and rescue everyone else.

Tekichi ha Ginga Telebi Kyoku! - Galaxy Television Station is the Enemy Base!

As they arrive, they encounter Sailor Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter who have all been turned evil. Sailor Galaxia then arrives and as she's about to attack, all the Inners fire their bracelets at her and try to steal her Star Seed. They were pretending all along!!!

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend Unfortunately Galaxia reveals that she has no Star Seed and uses her space / time powers to send everyone to different locations.

Usagi and Chibi Usa wake up together and soon realise that Beryl and Endymion are with them. Chibi Usa claims that Beryl is being used and that it's obvious that Endymion is fake. Galaxia then arrives holding Endymion's Star Seed, proving that he is in fact dead. Beryl becomes very Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legenddistraught.

Galaxia then zaps Chibi Usa and she dies in Usagi's arms.

Elsewhere Sailor Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are fighting. Sailor Galaxia then appears before them, teleports Usagi to their location and kills them all. Usagi screams out in horror.

Sorezore no Elegy - Each One's Elegy

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn then find their way to Usagi and try to defend her but Galaxia beats them down. Luckily Queen Beryl arrives and stops Galaxia's attack. She demands to know why she was being used and attacks Galaxia but Galaxia summons the Amazon Trio who begin to wander towards Beryl. Sailor Pluto then saves her by blasting them away and explains that she and Beryl are very similar in their love for Endymion.

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend Onna no Ronsou - A Dispute Between Women

Saturn and Pluto then send Beryl away to the end of time to save her life. Unfortunately Galaxia then kills them in her place.

Usagi then arrives as Super Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask walks towards her and strangles her. Beryl then reappears and as the evil Endymion moves to kill Super Sailor Moon she steps in between them and is stabbed. Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New LegendShe then regrets the way she has been acting and takes the evil fake Endymion with her to the afterlife.

Super Sailor Moon then releases a volley of bright white energy at Tuxedo Mask and then embraces him. As he begins to die he tells Super Sailor Moon not to give up. He then collapses.

Galaxia commands the Trio to attack Super Sailor Moon but they attack Galaxia instead. As Galaxia prepares her counter-attack, Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New LegendSailor Chibi Chibi appears and scares Galaxia away.

Mou ii no - It's Alright

Sailor Chibi Chibi then tells every one that they need to go to the Galaxy Cauldron where life started as she explains that she is Galaxia's Star Seed.

As Super Sailor Moon arrives with the Trio at the Cauldron and transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon. She confronts Sailor Galaxia and attacks her with Starlight Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New LegendHoneymoon Therapy Kiss which makes her disappear. Suddenly the gates of the Cauldron open and reveal a glowing sphere which reveals itself to be Chaos!

Galaxia then reappears, completely healed, tells Eternal Sailor Moon to protect her future and leaps into the gateway to battle Chaos. The Amazon Trio then also join her to fight Chaos and ask Eternal Sailor Moon if they could be friends in their next life.

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend As Eternal Sailor Moon lies upset on the ground she hears the voices of her friends and they all appear behind her, reborn by Galaxia's energies! They all combine their powers and attack Chaos with a Super Sailor Planet Attack which destroys Chaos completely.

La Soldier

They all watch as everyone is reborn as new Star Seeds. Suddenly the gates open and Tuxedo Mask reappears!

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend Miracle Twister

The two embrace as the Trio reappear behind them along with King Endymion and Sailor Chibi Moon. Everyone then promises to start an all new legend.

Everlasting Moonlight

As the song draws to a close, an instrumental version of Everlasting Moonlight follows as all the performers do Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legendtheir curtain call. The Trio bow to a large applause followed by Galaxia by herself, Chibi Chibi and Chibi Usa together, The Outers and then Sailor Mars and Jupiter soon joined by Venus and Mercury.

No surprise at all is the huge applaud King Endymion and Queen Beryl (both Sailor Moon musical veterans) get as they walk on stage, bow and exit together.

Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon then enter Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legendto a slightly quieter applause (yet still significant) and are soon joined by everyone else as they bow and the curtain falls.

Moments later the curtain rises and all the Sailor Soldiers perform a special performance of;

La Moon

And so ends the first Sailor Moon musical of the Second Stage.

Sailor Moon: Beginning of the New Legend

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