Sailor Moon

Sailor Stars Vol. 2

Introducing Sailor Iron Mouse and the Sailor Starlights and kicking Sailor Chibi Moon to the curb, here comes Sailor Stars Vol.2!

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While, I'm definitly not a fan of the colour pink, I really dig this cover! Sailor Chibi Moon and Saturn almost always seem to be drawn well and they live up to Click for a larger pic of the DVD Main Menu! their reputation here. Ironically Sailor Chibi Moon doesn't appear at all in this volume. Her last anime appearance was in fact in the last volume. The reason for it's inclusion probably being that the six episode arc with Sailor Chibi Moon was all crammed onto Vol1, while the original VCD release had 3 episodes on disk one and 3 on disk 2. In short they had a cover left over. It still looks great and fits well in the collection. It is still a bit unusual though.

The Menus

I'm honestly a bit underwhelmed with this menu. It's exactly the same as Vol1's menu with the exception of the screen in the top left corner showing clips Click for a larger pic of the DVD Chapter Menu! from the episodes on this volume rather than the last one. I guess I was kind of hoping for menus like Pioneer did with the SuperS series. Don't get me wrong. It's very functional and easy to navigate... it's just a bit boring basically.

The Special Features

The features here are pretty similar to last volumes. We get 6 commercials for the episodes on the disk (the same as the "Next on Sailor Stars" clip at the end of each episode but of a lesser quality) as well as the 2nd Opening and 2nd Closing (with a slighly faster version of the same song). Both clean (i.e. creditless). Click for a larger sample pic of the picture quality! Again, nothing to write home about, but necessary features for an anime disk such as this.

The Episodes

The disk begins the real Sailor Stars arc with Galaxia making her move, and the introductions of several more Sailor Soldiers. Everything about this season screams that it's the last one. Even the characters dialogue speaks of past adventures and the final battle. Overall the season gets a LOT darker in tone starting here.

sailor moon sailor stars volume 2 dvd: puzzle, disk and case Episode 173 starts the main arc in grand style with the arrival of the Sailor Starlights, Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Iron Mouse and the departure of Tuxedo Mask. Everything about this episode just screams quality from the animation to the music to even the Japanese voice acting. I brilliant way to start a story arc.

Episode 174 continues the main arc as the Three Lights transfer to the girls' school while Episode 175 is a fun Sailor Venus centric episode.

The final three episodes, Episode 176, Episode 177 and Episode 177 each focus on one Starlight to give the audience and the characters a chance to really see them as people rather than epic Sailor Soldiers from another system.

These three episodes are definitely filler though the writers have tried to add content for the viewer by having each Starlight's transformation scene premiere in their respective episodes.

The first two episodes make this disk a must have though on repeat viewings I think most fans will be skipping over the final three (possibly the final four) episodes completely.

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