Sailor Moon DVD Vol 2 Review

Sailor Moon DiC DVD Volume 2 cover artwork. Release Date: April, 2002.
Language Version: 90's English DiC Dub.

Available From: /

The first appearance of Sailor Mars and the death of a Negaverse general!

Sailor Moon DVD Region Differences

The DVD used for this review is the Region 4 (Australian/New Zealand) version which seems to contain the same episodes taken from the same source as the Region 1 (North American) DVD but uses a fresher, redesigned, navigation menu. This Region 4 menu actually lists the episodes in numerical order rather than the title-only approach used by the Region 1 designers. The Region 1 menus were also static and silent while the Region 4 ones are animated with music in the background. More information on the menus is included further on in this review.


The cover features a piece of artwork created for the Region 1 DVD cover though with one major difference; the inclusion of a disc number on the spine and the front top-right corner.

The artwork created for these DVDs features Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and the new Sailor Scout, Sailor Mars, is fun and playful and goes nicely with the blue and green backdrop. The back cover continues the theme with some blue flowers alongside screenshots of the episodes on the disc in star-shaped frames.

The Menus

Similar with the other DVDs in the Sailor Moon series, the main menu uses the artwork from the cover, slightly rearranged (in this case the removal of Sailor Mercury and the moving of Sailor Moon to the foreground) against an animated background. I really love the way these menus are done and look forward to the next one.

Sailor Moon Volume 2 DVD menu featuring Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon.

The Special Features

Unfortunately, there aren't any extras on this Sailor Moon DVD which is a shame. But then, the Japanese Sailor Moon DVDs didn't really have any special features either. There is an Easter Egg though which can be found if you highlight the link for Episode #9, Cruise Blues, and press Left on your DVD player remote. The giant number 2 will then light up. Press Enter and you'll get a static DVD credits page. Not much, but a nice hidden secret.

The Sailor Moon Episodes

An Uncharmed Life, Nightmare in Dreamland, Cruise Blues, Fight to the Finish, Match Point for Sailor Moon and An Unnatural Phenomenon are all rather enjoyable episodes with several standing above the others as must-see Sailor Moon episodes.

Screenshot from a Sailor Moon DVD showing Sailor Mars' transformation pen.

An Uncharmed Life features the first appearance of Raye Hino, aka Sailor Mars, which is simply a must-watch. The following episode, Nightmare in Dreamland is also well worth a look as it explored the gang going to a theme park which is being taken over by the Negaverse and features one of the most popular Monsters of the Day with fans, the Dream Dolly.

Fight to the Finish moves the plot forward significantly as it features Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Tuxedo Mask finally fighting to the finish with Jadeite.

Well recommended.

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