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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Cresent Beam [live action]

First Appearance: Act 12

See Also: Venus Cresent Beam Smash [anime] & Venus Cresent Beam Smash [manga]

In Brief: Sailor Venus used this attack seconds after revealing herself as Sailor Venus and the Moon Princess to attack the astral form of Zoicite. This was the first and last time the attack was used in the live action version of Sailor Moon though Sailor Venus can be seen using it in the opening credits suggesting that the writers may have planned for Sailor Venus to use this attack on a regular basis when the show first started airing. The plans obviously changed as Love Me Chain became her attack of choice, being used on almost every occassion.

Some Sailor Moon sites are speculating that this attack isn't Crescent Beam as Sailor Venus doesn't yell out the attack phrase when using it (she doesn't say anything at all). But in every version of Sailor Moon when Sailor Venus reveals herself she uses Crescent Beam, plus it just looks exactly like the same attack in the manga and anime. It's very safe to assume that she is using Crescent Beam.

Cultural: "The Upright Crescent Moon or Priestess Symbol usually with a pentacle or a full lunar disc at its center is a symbol of the priestess. Glowing with reflected light, the Moon represents light within the darkness, and is associated with the female divine energy. Lunar energy offers us the ability to connect with the flowing powers of magick and mystery and our powers of psychic perception and intuition. As it waxes and wanes and is reborn anew, the Moon brings us the potential to connect with our own ability to rejuvenate our lives. The phases of the Moon are associated with the Triple Goddess. In my path the Moon correlates with 4 phases of the Goddess - Maiden (first crescent to 1st quarter), Mother (1st quarter to full) ; Matron (Warrior Woman) ( full to 3rd quarter) and Crone (3rd quarter to dark). Many female deities have some lunar connection, but these Goddesses and Gods are especially lunar: Selene, Artemis, Diana, Isis, Thoth, Hecate."
-- Taken from

The Move: Showing just how powerful Sailor Venus was compared to the other Sailor Soldiers when they first met, Sailor Venus summons this attack without having to mutter a single word!

Sailor Venus crosses her arms and then quickly extends her left arm behind herself while pointing her right arm forward. Immediately a powerful blast of pure energy fires from her fingertips. As she stops the attack, the beam fades away as shiny golden particles linger in the air.

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