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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision)

2004 Sailor Moon Super Special Musical

Sailor Moon

~The Legend of Kaguya Island~ NEW LEGEND OF KAGUYA ISLAND

~Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu~ NEW LEGEND OF KAGUYA ISLAND

In darkness, five strangers stand up and run away.

In Azabu Juban, Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Michiru, Haruka, Setsuna, Hotaru, Chibi Usa and Mamoru are all celebrating the peace that they now have on the planet Earth.

The Colour of the Earth is Salad Time -

All the Inners are really happy to finally be on Summer Holidays but the Outers tell them that they have Sailor Soldier homework for them. One by one each girl is forced to tell them what their personal weakness is. Makoto is strong but with little brain, Mina is foolish, Rei is hot tempered, everyone tells Usagi that she's always late, easily caught by the enemy and several other things and then Ami begins going on about how she studies too much, over analyses things, is bad in romance.... until Usagi stops her.

All the Inners then start having goes at Michiru and Haruka but are stopped by the arrival of Mamoru and his two new friends from overseas.

These two men dance and tell the girls all about this amazing island they know called, Kaguya Island that was devastated by a comet thousands of years ago but is now a beautiful paradise full of caves full of gems and crystals. Mamoru says that he thought the island would be a great place for them all to train. Everyone loves this idea and runs off to start packing. After they leave, the two men appear to obviously have an agenda.

They then meet up with two other people and their leader, a fashionable pirate.

The Female Pirate's Strategy -

They sing about how their ancestors bodies are buried in the ground and that they will be awakened. They also reveal that they're after the Silver Crystal and yell angrily for "Dark Plasman" to arrive via the Coatl Comet so they can start their mission.

On the Coatl Comet, Dark Plasman and his two female servants sing about how they will not be stopped this time and that they will take the Imperium Silver Crystal from the Moon Princess.

Ambition of the Comet, Coatl -

One of his assistants, Dark Menorah thinks how much she is looking forward to returning to Kaguya Island. It appears that she's originally from the island.

Dark Menorah ~ On the Way to the Island Where We Will Realise Our Dreams -

On the cruise ship, all the girls are also thinking about getting to the island and sing very energetically about what they will do when they get there.

Ami has set up a telescope so they can watch the Coatl Comet as it gets closer to Earth. Ami tells them though that right now it's behind the sun but it should reveal itself soon. She then decides to lecture everyone on what a comet is.

Just as she finishes, Mamoru's two friends from before walk on deck and introduce them all to a female archaeologist. Together with one of the sailors they tell the story about Kaguya Island and the culture that lived there.

Apparently 5000 years ago Coatl Comet approached Earth and caused massive natural disasters. Before the Earth was destroyed though a bright light from the Moon shone out and pushed the comet away on a different path. Despite the Earth being saved, Kaguya Island was still completely destroyed.

Luckily the Moon Princess came down to the island and met with the people. Funnily enough during the trip she had become an old woman but magically she made herself beautiful again.

The Moon Princess was covered in jewels. She asked a man to take any jewel he wanted. In his greed though he took the bright silver one on her chest causing the princess to shatter into a million pieces. Usagi didn't like this story, naturally.

All of a sudden Dark Plasman's assistants attack the ship and cause a massive storm. All the girls try to transform but they're stopped by a counter attack. While the storm starts to tear apart the ship the girls run off stage for cover.

Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and returns. Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto join her.

Moonlight Justice

Mamoru also transforms into Tuxedo Mask and joins in the fight. Sailor Moon tries to purify the enemy with Moon Princess Halation but it doesn't work.

Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars arrive and they all attack with Sailor Planet Attack but it's still no use.

Dark Plasman then uses all of his powers to destroy the ship. Everyone blacks out.

Skirmish in a Storm

On a nearby island, two little kittens see all the people wash up on shore.

Why is this so Familiar? -

On the island Usagi, Chibi Usa and Mamoru who were lucky enough to find the lifeboat, stumble across everyone else who had to swim to shore. As they all start to get angry at Usagi though the ship's captain and crew appear and welcome them all to Kaguya Island.

Artuka Captured -

Haruka tells them that they found an old house in the forest so they all head off to explore.

Somewhere else though, Dark Memorah ponders her wish, to see her loved ones once more on the island. She prays that they have kept their crystals on themselves so that they can be saved.

The evil silver assistant then enters and tells her to hurry up because they have to return to the comet. Memorah tells her that Plasman will help her find her loved ones because that is why she agreed to serve him for so long. The other woman simply smiles evilly.

5000 Years of Kaguya Island (Dark Plasman Version) -

In the forest, the two kittens look at the crystals hanging around the neck. One of them thinks that his is glowing but the other thinks it's just a reflection of the moonlight.

Chibi Usa sees them and introduces herself. She says that their crystals really are glowing.

Mamoru sees Chibi Usa and walks over to her. Chibi Usa introduces him to the kittens but they both feign ignorance and start meowing. The captain finds them and tells them that the kittens are hers.

What is a Mother? -

Chibi Usa asks her if she can understand the kittens like she can but the captain and Mamoru just think she has a crazy imagination.

That night the crew take the Inners and Outers into the caves to look for gems... but in secret from each other. Eventually though they see each other's teams and start looking for gems together.

Mamoru and Chibi Usa enter the caves late and find Usagi and the girls digging for gems. Minako finds one and as they all gather around, volcanic gasses erupt from the wall and hit Hotaru who falls to the ground unconscious.

Suddenly Dark Plasman and his assistants attack. Everyone tries to transform but can't.

Strangely, Hotaru appears in a strange dress and in announces that she is a spirit of the fallen people of the Artuka Kingdom that was destroyed.

A Glimmer of Light ~ The Face of Ambition -

Hotaru tells everyone not to make the same mistakes as the past.

Usagi then appears as Super Sailor Moon and attacks Dark Plasman who demands to know how she was able to transform. The captain of the ship looks at Super Sailor Moon and smiles. Just like Plasman she also wants the Imperium Silver Crystal. The stage goes black.

Plasman and his assistants retreat back to the comet and discuss their goal, to become a real planet. They then remember that the Moon Princess stopped their plan last time by using the Imperium Silver Crystal.

Star Glory

Back on Kaguya Island Ami, Rei, Minako, Makoto and Chibi Usa lament not being able to transform.

We Drifted Ashore But...

Usagi, Mamoru and Setsuna show up with loads of food which cheers everyone up. They all start eating. Usagi says that she and Mamoru prepared it all but it's soon revealed that it's from the captain, Loof Mellow.

Hotaru goes to join the girls eating while Haruka and Michiru look on. Apparently Hotaru has returned to normal. Mamoru begins to suspect that there's more to this island than meets the eye.

Usagi reveals a ruby that she found in the cave and the two kittens show up and want it back. Loof Mellow and the crew then arrive, demand Usagi hand over the Imperium Silver Crystal and a battle starts between them and the girls who are unable to transform.

Mamoru dons his Tuxedo Mask costume and fights them off.

And Believe in All

Tuxedo Mask collapses in a fever and several of the other girls seem to be suffering the same symptoms. Haruka is one of the ones sick but she makes Michiru promise not to tell anyone.

In the pirate's house, Loof Mellow seems depressed and reflects on how she was frozen in ice for thousands of years and somehow woken up by the Silver Crystal.

Ice Doll

Her crew, now revealed to be androids try to cheer her up and eventually trick her into revealing that she's in love with Tuxedo Mask. They all start to act a little wacky but stop when they realise Chibi Usa is watching. Chibi Usa tells her that she understands her feelings but Usagi and Mamoru's love is eternal.

She then tells them that she's their daughter from the future, the future Sailor Moon. The pirates ask her if she has the crystal and she says she does. All the androids lunge for her but Loof tells them to stop as she won't attack a child who wandered into their house unprotected and alone. They let her go with the green android so he can protect her.

Suddenly the Earth begins to shake. They all race outside.

On her way back to camp, Chibi Usa and the green android run into Usagi and Mamoru.

Chibi Usa's Sea - Chibi Usa no Umi

Usagi and Mamoru talk about the different famous legends concerning "Kaguya" and come to the conclusion that this island was called such due to a real encounter with Usagi in her previous life as the Moon Princess.

Mamoru mentions that all the others have started to get sick. Usagi says she's okay as does Chibi Usa. Mamoru is also fine. The two kittens then show up and tell Chibi Usa that they know the cure. Mamoru goes with Chibi Usa and the kittens to find the cure while Usagi heads back to camp to tell the others.

At camp all the girls except for Setsuna are sick from this dark plague. None of them can transform and Rei can't even use her powers. Ami concludes that they got it from the smoke in the caves because Mamoru and Setsuna weren't near the smoke and Usagi and Chibi Usa must have an immunity of some kind. They all realise that the excursion to the cave was a trick to get them infected. They all stand up and decide they've had enough.

Haruka, Michiru and Usagi join them and they summon all their powers into one.

Sailor War!

At an ancient temple on Kaguya Island, Dark Plasman begins to activate all the Dark Crystals he had placed on the island centuries ago. Loof Mellow arrives and tries to stop him as does Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

Pinky Typhoon

All the Sailor Soldiers arrive fully transformed but they're all still weak. The two kittens arrive with the cure but are hit by Plasman. Menorah recognises them as her children but Plasman reveals that they are also Dark Crystal fragments that were cast from the comet all those years ago. Menorah attacks him but he strikes her back. She crawls towards her children but dies and disappears.

At Last We Could Meet -

Plasman's silver assistant then kills the two kittens. The green android lunges at her and stabs her but she survives and blasts him, killing him.

Loof Mellow's red dressed female friend then pulls out a dagger and kills the silver assistant with it. She says that this dagger was made from a shard of the Imperium Silver Crystal and that it was given to her by the Moon Princess 5000 years ago to help her live until this day but if she ever pulled it out she would die. She then falls to the ground.

Dark Plasman raises his wand and absorbs all the fallen bodies.

When the darkness clears Dark Mirror is revealed to be alive and is in fact the incarnation of the core of the comet!

The Crime of a Lunar Eclipse -

Loof Mellow and her two remaining androids vow to put an end to this once and for all and combine the crystal dagger with Mellow's gun which contains a dark crystal. Loof Mellow tells them that she now cares more about the entire planet then just saving her small island. She nods at Super Sailor Moon who agrees.

Pure Narcissism -

Super Sailor Moon powers up to Eternal Sailor Moon and as Loof Mellow places the sword-dagger-key into the temple door to stop the comet from approaching she summons the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal and together with Super Sailor Chibi Moon performs a Double Moon Princess Halation to purify everything.

The island begins to lift up into the sky and connects with the comet. Eternal Sailor Moon says she used her power to allow the comet and island to start over as one and finally as their very own star.

The voice of the spirit that has possessed Hotaru before asks if she will be reborn too and Eternal Sailor Moon says that everyone will be reborn on that star and that in another few thousand years they will see each other again and that as long as everyone has hope they can start over again with anything whenever they want.

Everyone is Loved By Someone -

While Everyone is Loved By Someone is being sung, all the cast members return to the stage and join in the singing before the fun curtain call where each performer bows on stage and then the popular curtain call where all the Sailor Soldiers sing and dance to:



La Soldier

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision)

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