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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision)

1997 Sailor Moon Musical

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision)

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban)

Haruka and Michiru are performing a classical piece on stage. As they finish the new pop idols, The Three Lights perform a new rock song,

Chasin' After You

The Three Lights then thank Haruka and Michiru for their wonderful performance, and they in turn thank The Three Lights.
Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) As Haruka shakes Seiya's (the lead singer's) hand she senses something and wonders to Michiru what these idols actually are.

Next up in the concert is Usagi, Rei, Ami, Makoto and Minako!

Light ni Adventure - Adventure into the Light

As they finishing singing, all the lights in the hall go out! Everyone staggers around in the dark looking for the problem. Usagi sees a fire in the corner and goes to inspect it but everyone tells her not to touch it. The lights then come on and the girls find a slice of cake that Usagi was eating and must have dropped some in the electrical Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) equipment. They all yell at her, causing Usagi to become angry, grab her cake and leave.

Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako then begin to talk together and wish that they had their own boyfriends. The mysterious presenter of the concert hears them and asks if he could record them. They all begin to dance but he tells them that their dancing is like that of a penguin.

On the roof, The Three Lights are looking at the stars and singing from their song, Chasin' After You when they hear someone coming and go to hide.

Usagi enters and talks about how lonely she is now that Mamoru is studying overseas. She reads a letter from him aloud that says while he's loving living overseas, he Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) misses her a lot.

Lonely Distance

Setsuna arrives and comforts Usagi. Usagi tells her that she's just like a mother but Setsuna reminds her that she's not that old.
The Three Lights then reveal themselves and invite the two to watch the stars with them. Usagi goes fan crazy and tells The Three Lights that she loves them a lot and forgets all about Mamoru.

Setsuna then senses something from them and demands to know who they really are. The Three Lights run away however and the whole world begins to shake! Setsuna announces that the Space Time Door has been opened! As they all stagger around the stage, Chibi Usa appears in a burst of pink smoke and collapses in Usagi and Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) Setsuna's arms.

Elsewhere, the mysterious man from before begins to sing with all of his "Phages" about how they're searching for Star Seeds, but not just any Star Seeds, the ultimate form of the seeds, the Sailor Crystals!

Star Hunter

They announce that they'll find the Sailor Soldiers of this world by tricking them into transforming by creating accidents!

At the hospital, Setsuna has brought Chibi Usa and is treating her. She seems to be okay. She begins to wake up and all of a sudden she starts screaming for her mama! Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) To the side we see what happened in the future, Sailor Galaxia captured Neo Queen Serenity! This memory becomes supressed though and when asked what happened in the future, Chibi Usa tells them she can't remember.

Haruka and Michiru then enter and tell them that Michiru was attacked in the toilets. Before Michiru can tell them who attacked her the mysterious presenter enters and tells them that a lot of stars are being attacked and that they should all be careful. He leaves but quickly returns when the girls begin to think The Three Lights are behind it. The presenter tells them that the band is very suspicious and that they should investigate.

Usagi, Rei, Ami, Makoto and Minako then pretend to be detectives and go to investigate the toilets. While searching they come across Hotaru who is also investigating and she tells them she found three items! A shoe, a bag and something else.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) Sailor Busters

The presenter then reappears and tells them all these items belong to The Three Lights! Ami has a closer look though and finds the hairs of a cat, a mouse, a frog (!) and a fox on it suggesting animals were behind it!

The stage falls dark and in the audience the Phages appear and scream out how they've taken over 25,000 stars throughout the universe!

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) Galaxia no Dokusai - Galaxia's Dictatorship

Galaxia appears and tells them all to hurry in their mission.

Elsewhere Chibi Usa is being chased. She screams out that all of them are being targeted when she is caught by the Phages! Sailor Pluto arrives and frees her with Pluto Deadly Scream and is soon joined by Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.

Fukitsu na Kaze ~ Fukatsu ha Higeki no Zenchou - Ominous Wind ~ Revival is an Omen for Tragedy

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) Despite their strong powers, Sailor Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are overpowered and Chibi Usa is captured again. Luckily Sailor Saturn appears as do Super Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus who all begin to fight the Phages. As the Sailor Soldiers introduce themselves, the Phages reveal that they're also Sailor Soldiers and introduce themselves as, Sailor Theta, Sailor Chi, Sailor Phi, Sailor Pweter Fox, Sailor Tin Nyanko, Sailor Titan Kerokko, Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Buttress and (the mysterious presenter) MC Fly.

All ten Sailor Soldiers of the Sol System perform a Sailor Planet attack but it's no use! The Phages are too strong! The Three Lights appear in their Sailor Soldier form as Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) the Sailor Starlights and blast the Phages. They join forces with the Sol Sailor Soldiers and fight the Phages.

Sailor War Supreme

While everyone puts up a good fight, in the end Sailor Galaxia herself captures Chibi Usa and zaps her as everyone watches in horror. The stage falls into darkness.

It's now time for the concert! Usagi and the others perform the first song,

Knockin' Down Hesitation

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) after which Usagi thanks The Three Lights and leaves the stage.

See Me Bokutachi no Jidai - See Me, This is Our Era

After The Three Lights song, the presenter presents his Phages who song their own song,

It's Chou Very Bad - It's Super Very Bad

At the final of their performance they bring out Chibi Usa. Usagi, Rei, Ami and Makoto run on stage as do Sailor Pluto, Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. They demand Chibi Usa be handed over. The presenter then says that he'll take care of this and walks Chibi Usa over to Usagi. Suddenly a second (and the real) presenter appears!

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) Everyone looks at the first one but before they can get his true identity he runs away.

Sailor Galaxia then appears and shows them Neo Queen Serenity that she's captured. Neo Queen Serenity tells Galaxia that she'll never let her get away with her plan but Galaxia then zaps her into unconsciousness.

Sailor Galaxia then begins to zap everyone. The Three Lights appear but are of little help. They're all being killed!

Sailor Pluto, seeing no other way decides to stop time even though it will kill her. Chibi Usa and Hotaru try to stop her but Pluto pushes them away. As Sailor Pluto summons her powers Galaxia releases a powerful attack. The two energies connect and cause a massive time vortex sending Chibi Usa and Hotaru as well as everyone back to Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) the Edo period!!!

They're both arrive on a Tokyo rooftop as the whole city is looking for a thief. The famous crime fighter (who is obviously Usagi) has stolen the blue ball from the robber (MC Fly) and is tossing it back and forth between herself and her team-mates (Rei, Makoto and Minako). A fortune teller (Setsuna) appears and begins to narrate the scene explaining who everyone is.

Chibi Usa decides to join in and catches the ball. The robber then draws two guns and fires several shots.

Luckily a famous Japanese playboy (Tuxedo Mask) appears and begins to fight the robber, Mr This Is and defeats him.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) After the battle, a Japanese theatre performer comes on stage (Ami) and thanks everyone for getting her blue crystal ball back and explains it was an heirloom passes down for generations in her family. Usagi says that she and her team-mates have similar balls and they've been looking for her for a long time. It's destiny.

Later on as Mr This Is stands trial, Usagi, Chibi Usa and Hotaru are disappointed that they have no evidence. Fortunately for them the shogun is the playboy from the night before! He reveals his rose tattoo and has Mr This Is carried away after announcing that there will be no more ad libs (improvisations) on stage.

He tells Usagi that she has stolen his heart and the two embrace.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) Time then begins to warp once more and Chibi Usa and Hotaru are sent somewhere else!!!

The Three Lights, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus are prisoner of Galaxia. Elsewhere they all sense Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter being killed by Sailor Galaxia.

Sailor Uranus and Neptune say that they know The Three Lights are Sailor Soldiers and that they should transform. Taiki goes to transform but Seiya stops them. Seiya asks Mars and the others if they're ready to die and they all tell The Three Lights that as long as they can protect their princess their lives don't matter. Seiya tells them that's how their team-mates died.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) Suddenly they all sense the strong power of the princess the Three Lights have been looking for. Inspired by this power they all transform into the Sailor Starlights. Unfortunately time then warps once more and they're all split up.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mars appear together. Mars begins to panic but Neptune tells her to calm down as they need her spiritual powers to help them find the others and Usagi. Suddenly Sailor Pewter Fox appears with some minions and captures Sailor Neptune! Sailor Mars starts to use Mars Flame Sniper but can't as she'll hit Neptune. Neptune tells her to do it as that's what Uranus would do. She does so, freeing Neptune. Sailor Pewter Fox though, still alive attacks Neptune and weakens her. Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) She then talks to Galaxia and says that the finishing move is hers. From afar, Galaxia removes Neptune's Star Seed, killing her.

Elsewhere Sailor Uranus senses Sailor Neptune's death. Suddenly Sailor Iron Mouse appears! Uranus attacks her with Uranus World Shaking but the attack bounces back at her, knocking her over. She tries again and again with the same result. Sailor Mercury yells for her to stop and uses her computer to analyse the situation. She realises that it's an illusion and the real enemy is on the other side of the room. She attacks with Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and hits her. She congratulates her on her intelligence but then fires an attack at them. Uranus steps in it's path and is his. Iron Mouse tells Galaxia that she is all hers.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) Usagi who is with Galaxia pleads with her to stop and that if she wants her crystal or Star Seed she can take it. Galaxia then blasts her, sending her spirit to where Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Neptune are.

Usagi awakens in a dark limbo and spots her friends. They all tell her that if she is safe then their deaths have meaning and that as long as she loves them they will always be near.

Sorezore no Elegy - Each One's Elegy

Sailor Galaxia in one blast then kills Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. Usagi looks around and the bodies of all of her dear friends and screams.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) Elsewhere all the Phages are happy and dancing cheerfully. MC Fly announces that the only Sailor Soldier left is Usagi and she can't transform into Sailor Moon in this desolate place.
Galaxia then senses a power and assumes it to be Princess Kakyu. Super Sailor Moon appears and challenges Galaxia to battle. Galaxia laughs at the fact that Usagi's hatred and fury gave her the power to transform. Super Sailor Moon tells her that she's the first person she's ever truly hated.

Right before the battle starts though, Tuxedo Mask appears and sits Super Sailor Moon down, telling her that she's suffered enough. MC Fly challenges Tuxedo Mask to a fight.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) A Knight for Sailor Soldiers

The fight is interrupted by the arrival of Sailor Saturn and Super Sailor Chibi Moon followed by the Sailor Starlights who say that they've rescued Neo Queen Serenity and returned her to the future. Super Sailor Moon then confronts Galaxia once more and powers up to Eternal Sailor Moon. Sailor Saturn lends her power to Eternal Sailor Moon and together they revive all their team-mates!

Solar Miracle Make Up!

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) A big battle breaks out, Sailor Soldier versus Sailor Soldier and climaxes in Sailor Galaxia defeating Eternal Sailor Moon! Eternal Sailor Moon looks up at Sailor Galaxia and explains that the Imperium Silver Crystal is supposed to be used for healing and resurrection. Galaxia reflects on this and in a moment of loneliness for real team-mates, disappears.

The all look up at the night sky and see a shooting star. Eternal Sailor Moon says that Galaxia has been reborn.

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision) Densetsu Seitan - Birth of a Legend

In celebration, the entire cast sings while bowing one by one with Sailor Mars doing a fun jump-kick for her bow and Sailor Mercury and Tuxedo Mask getting the largest applauds as usual.

L'Amour D'Amour Moonlight

All the Sailor Soldiers and Tuxedo Mask then sing the Sailor Moon Musical classic finale song as the curtain falls.

La Soldier

Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Revision)

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