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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally

1995 Sailor Moon SuperS Musical

Sailor Moon SuperS

Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally

Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni

In a fantasy world, Chibi Usa is singing about her love with Helios and Usagi singing about hers with Mamoru.

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally Double Moonlight Romance

In reality though both Chibi Usa and Usagi have become lost in a forest. Luckily Usagi has accidentally dropped all of her candy in her search for Chibi Usa and Mamoru and the other girls follow the trail and find them.

Fun in the Forest - Mori ni Tanoshiku

While they're singing, several wierd monkey/rabbit like characters steal all of their food. Tigerseye, Fisheye and Hawkeye then appear and tell them that the Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally monkey/rabbits are from their circus and that they're holding auditions for anyone that wants to join. All the girls get very excited.

Amazon Kara Circus Dan ga Yatte Kita - The Circus Group that Came From the Amazon

Later that day, the Amazon Trio relax in their bar cafe and look at photos of everyone they met in the forest. Fisheye likes Mamoru and tells them that but the other two tease her for being a guy and liking another guy. Fisheye then begins to wonder why they're after people with dreams but have never had a dream of their own.

Zirconia then appears and tells them that they need to control Pegasus.

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally Dead Moon no Kuroi Yume - The Dead Moon's Black Dream

Zirconia then infuses a minion of the Dead Moon with his dark powers, creating an evil woman who can go into any dreams she wishes.

She gets to work immediately by going into Chibi Usa's dream and making it a bad one. Monsters pop up in her dream and try to drag her bed off stage. Luckily Sailor Pluto appears and tries to fight them off but she's quickly defeated. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune then appear.

Fukatsu! Crisis Yurusumaji - Revive! We Won't Allow a Crisis

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally As they fight off the villains, Sailor Pluto reappears and joins in. As they stand victorious, Tuxedo Mask enters and thanks them. They then all speculate as to why they've all met in Chibi Usa's dreams and then realise that that mysterious woman has the same aura as Sailor Saturn and that the Dead Moon may be using her for their own purposes! Tuxedo Mask thanks them for saving his daughter but allows them to stay back until he needs them.

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally The next day at the auditions, all the girls and Mamoru try out. Makoto gets in by doing a circus ring trick, Ami balanced on a ball, Mamoru passes by showing off some fantastic gymnastics skills, Minako dances and gets in and Rei cheats by transforming into Sailor Mars and using Burning Mandala! Usagi fails again and again however and it isn't until everyone begs with the judge that she gets in.... as the janitor.

Mop, Hop, Step Jump

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally Cleaning up after the auditions, Usagi spots a shy girl being bullied by several Dead Moon members. Usagi scares them all away and introduces herself. The girl says she has amnesia and doesn't remember who she is, though her new name is; Miss Dream

That night in the forest, Tigerseye has asked Ami out on a date but she seems to busy in studying to listen to his complements. He asks her why she's reading and Ami Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally tells him that her dream is to be a doctor. Tigerseye then tells her that he'd like to see that dream and throws away his cloak to reveal his true form. Ami is then strapped down to the dream platform. Rei, Makoto and Minako who had been spying on Ami's date come forth and try to transform but they're captured by the Dead Moon. Tigerseye, Fisheye and Hawkeye look at Ami's dream but find that it isn't the one they're after. They then summon Miss Dream who drains their dreams from their bodies and makes them members of the Dead Moon.

There is then a triple performance of three parties singing three different songs at the same time;

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally Triple Dreams

Usagi and Mamoru are singing about their love (Moonlight Romance), Sailor Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are wondering about their destiny and the Dead Moon about their world domination.

The next day the circus starts with everyone on stage performing.

Usagi Rabbit Showtime

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally During the performance, Tigerseye addresses the audience and tells them that as they're watching, Lemres are seeping into their minds and changing their dreams into nightmares.

After the performance as Usagi is cleaning up, Ami, Makoto, Rei and Minako walk by and tease her and tell her that if she doesn't keep an eye on Mamoru he may be taken by someone else (i.e. one of them).

Usagi then sees Mamoru with Fisheye who is trying to seduce him. Fisheye gets scared away though by the sound of a cat which turns out to be a hiding Chibi Usa. Mamoru tells them that the Dead Moon is their enemy and asks Chibi Usa who Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally Pegasus is. She says that she doesn't know but she does have a deep connection to him.

Miss Dream then gets pushed on stage by the people that were bullying her before. Usagi and Mamoru try to stop them but Ami appears and tells Usagi to leave her be. Usagi asks what happened to the kind Ami they all used to know.

Ii Ko Ha Yameta - The End of the Good Child

Omoidashite Anata Wo - Remember Yourself

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally Eventually all the girls remember their former selves and return to normal. They then all start to blame Miss Dream for what happened. Usagi tells them to stop as she has promised to protect her. Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto then appear and attempt to kill Miss Dream, but Mamoru and Usagi tell them to stop.

Chibi Usa then does Twinkle Yell to summon Pegasus and together with Mamoru, she and Pegasus dive into Miss Dream's dream.

Zirconia and the Dead Moon then appear and tell them that Pegasus is now theirs as there's no way he would survive inside Miss Dream's dream. Everyone transforms into their Sailor Soldier forms and begin to fight. Zirconia and the Amazon Trio then transport themselves into Miss Dream's dream.

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally The Sailor Soldiers then hold hands and use Sailor Teleport to also enter the dream.

Meanwhile, in the dream, Chibi Usa is hiding from Zirconia and the others. Eventually they find her though and are about to attack her when Tuxedo Mask arrives at her side to defend her.

Tuxedo Royal

Tuxedo Mask fights Tigerseye until the Sailor Soldiers arrive... without Sailor Moon! They all begin to think that Sailor Moon was focusing on another dream, like one with Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally cakes and sweet and after a moment of waiting, decide to fight without her.

Sailor Moon arrives soon enough though and tells everyone that they have to protect everyone's dreams.

Zirconia then sits down as her true form, that of Queen Nehelenia, appears in silhouette in the background. She talks about how those of the White Moon always had it good and the Black Moon suffered. Tuxedo Mask then takes off his mask and asks Queen Nehelenia to reveal her true form. She refuses to.

Tuxedo Mask then slowly walks up to Miss Dream and wraps her in his cape, promising to protect Usagi's dream. Moments later he moves away from her and says that Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally she is now returned to normal because he absorbed all her power. He then collapses into Usagi's arms.

Usagi screams at him for dying as her dream is to live with him! Mamoru thanks everyone and wishes that when he is reborn, he can have a normal life with Usagi. He then passes away.

The Amazon Trio then confront Zirconia about why they don't have dreams and it's revealed that they are but animals. They then decide to rebel against Zirconia causing Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally her to summon the ultimate Lemre which kills all three of them and makes Mamoru's body disappear. Pegasus appears and powers Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon up to their Super forms.

La Moon

They all begin to fight the Lemre and Zirconia with Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Moon eventually blasting them with a Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack. This doesn't destroy them but scares them away to fight another day.

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally As Super Sailor Moon begins to mourn Mamoru, he appears in the dream as Prince Endymion and says that he is by Princess Serenity's side and that soon the past and future will meet and they'll be together once more. Princess Serenity then appears and begins to sing with Super Sailor Moon with all the Sailor Soldiers and Miss Dream (Hotaru) eventually joining in.

Over the Moon

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally All the Sailor Soldiers then sing the curtain caller; La Soldier

The curtains then close and when they open again, the stage is full of circus performers and tricks with the whole cast doing one thing or another as a recording of "Usagi Rabbit Showtime" plays in the background each of them comes centre stage and bows.

Curtain Call (Usagi Rabbit Showtime)

The stage is then cleared and the entire cast joins in for one final performance of; La Moon

Sailor Moon SuperS Musical: Dream Soldiers - Love, Eternally

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