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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love

1994 Summer Special Musical

Sailor Moon S

Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love

Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi

The stage lights up and Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus perform the hit from the first musical;

La Soldier

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love The stage then fades to black and across an image of a starry night sky reads our introduction to the story about how a love rival for Sailor Moon has appeared and the other four girls are each pondering what they wish to do with their lives. With them all so preocupied, can they defeat the Death Busters?

Sailor Moon enters the stage by herself as a future King Endymion, side stage, speaks about how violence and blood-shed will not stop violence and save the world. Only love and compashion held by someone who feels for the enemy can save everyone and defeat evil.

King Endymion then disapears and Sailor Moon screams out his name. Sailor Mercury, Mars and Venus then appear on stage and begin a new hit;

Solar Miracle Make Up

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love While the four Sailor Soldiers are performing, Sailor Jupiter flies in and joins them. Sailor Venus then takes to the skies and performs the majority of the song in the air with Sailor Jupiter. As the upbeat song finishes, the stage is plunged into darkness.

We then move to the Death Buster's laboratory where Kaorite sings; Talisman wa Sagase - Find the Talisman

and explains the how they are after Pure Hearts that take the form of crystals and that they use Diamons to search out people who have such hearts.

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love Meanwhile in the park, Usagi and Mamoru are sharing a romantic date in a gondola in the middle of a lake. Gondola no Koibito-tachi - Lovers' Gondola

Usagi tells mamoru about how much she loves him and makes her move for a big kiss. Mamoru panics with the idea of public affection and says that he feels like a lot of people are watching him (an audience related joke). He gives in eventually and begins to kiss usagi when Luna P appears along with Chibi Usa!

Mata Mata Chibi Usa Desu -

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love Chibi Usa teases Usagi as usual about how she loves Mamoru and the two begin to argue. Mamoru tells them both to be more mature but Usagi has had enough of Chibi Usa and Mamoru and threatens to jump into the lake. Chibi Usa, humourously begins to shake the gondola causing Usagi to fall... onto the ice! the entire lake has been frozen!

Mamoru says that this is very unusual as it's the middle of summer! Chibi Usa jumps onto the ice to play with Usagi. Suddenly the gondola transforms into a Daimon! Several Death Nightmare also appear and together they steal Chibi Usa's Pure Heart Crystal!

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love Off stage two strong female voices demand that they hand over the Pure Heart Crystal. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus then walk on stage and make their first Sailor Moon Musical appearance!

Chou Bi! Uranus and Neptune! - Ultra Beauties! Uranus and Neptune!

Sailor Neptune and Uranus defeat the Daimon and Death Nightmares and examine the Pure Heart Crystal. Turns out it isn't a Talisman so they return it to Chibi Usa who begins to wake up in Mamoru's arms. Usagi goes to thank Uranus and Neptune but they tell her that they aren't friends, they're on a mission and that the lake ice is melting. They both leave.

Usagi thinks about what they said but is too late and falls into the water as the stage blacks out.

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love The Death Manechas then enter the stage and laugh at how the female Death Nightmares failed in their attempt to get a Pure Heart Crystal. They then introduce themselves as great immitators and perform immitations of theme park rides such as the "spinning teacups" and a rollercoaster.

The chubby member then smells something... a Pure Heart Crystal! he leads his teammates all over the stage looking for it before pinpointing the location.

At the Hikawa Shrine Ami, followed by Makoto, Rei and Minako sing about their dreams for the future. Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love Dream Yume ha Okiku - Dream Dreams are Big

Rei wants to study in Tibet but also wants to perform music. Makoto plans to go to China and other parts of Asia to learn new dishes to cook. Mina has been accepted in an international volleybal team and Amy is flying out next week to study overseas!

All the girls are shocked that Amy's leaving so early and ask her if she's told usagi yet. She says she hasn't but hasn't found the right moment yet as she's sure she'll be upset.

Usagi then arrives with Chibi Usa and Mamoru and tells them that the Death Busters attacked them. Chibi Usa and Usagi then begin to fight once more.

The girls are interrupted by the arrival of Rei's crows Phoebos and Daemos... who obviously aren't who they say they are. They're Death Manechas! Two more arrive in Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love humours impersonations of Michiru and Haruka. The real Outer Soldiers appear though and knock them over. Haruka and Michiru then exit with some inuendo filled whispers in each others' ears.

A fight then breaks out with everyone fighting except for Mamoru who is protecting Chibi Usa. Usagi screams for him to help her as she's been caught but Chibi Usa yells at him to save her as she's scared. Eventually Usagi gets free and is furious at Chibi Usa. The two begin to chase each other. Suddenly Rei and the other girls yell at her to fight too. Usagi begins too bit is quickly dragged into another yelling match with Chibi Usa.

As the four girls fight the Death Manechas offscreen, Mamoru yells at Usagi for being so immature. Usagi tries to defend herself but Ami who has just returns tells Usagi that Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love she feels bad for Mamoru and Chibi Usa with the way she's been acting. This makes Usagi upset and she runs off.

Makoto wonders if they've spoilt Usagi too much. Mamoru leaves and tells Minako that Usagi should be alone right now. All the girls decide to call it a day and head off on their own. Chibi Usa, by herself at the temple wonders aloud if those Death Manechas were after Ami.

Kaorinite then appears and lures Chibi Usa into the Death Busters' lair. Chibi Usa, planning to defeat the enemy from within enters the portal.

Chouhatsu - Incentive

Muma no Odori - Dance of the Nightmares

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love Doctor Tomoe enters and addresses Kaorinite. She tells him that their plan is going well and that the Death Manechas have found a Pure Heart in Ami Mizuno. Kaorinite then says that they have Chibi Usa as bait and yells for her to reveal herself. Sailor Chibi Moon runs on stage and strikes a pose but is met with laughter from her enemy. She tries to attack them but is held back by Kaorinite. Tuxedo Mask appears and tries to save her but he's too late. The enemy teleports away with Sailor Chibi Moon.

Elsewhere, Usagi meets up with Rei, Makoto and Minako who tell her they've all decided to go and follow their dreams abroad. Usagi becomes very upset and begs them to stay but they tell her while it hurts them to go they must. Rei then tells Usagi that Ami is already at the airport as they speak, boarding a plane to Germany.

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love Usagi races to the airport but can't find Ami.

Tabidachi - Departure

As Ami's boarding the plane, she's attacked by the Death Busters. She screams into her com device on her wrist for usagi to help her but she has her Pure Heart Crystal taken from her chest and collapses. Usagi runs to her location and is attacked. Luckily Tuxedo Mask arrives.

Cutting Through the Darkness

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love Actually several Tuxedo Masks appear! Usagi immediately points out the chubby one as being an impersonator and eventually believes that another one be the real Tuxedo Mask based on his smell and look. This one however claims to be an imposter and points out one of the others who is wearing the friendship bracelet Usagi had given him at the lake earlier that day! The imposters pick up the "real" Tuxedo Mask and throw him off screen, killing him. Usagi screams but it's too late.

She then runs to Ami who is lying near the boarding platform. She appologises to Usagi for leaving without telling her and then passes out. Nearby Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive and decide to go to the Death Busters' base to see if Ami's Pure Heart Crystal was a Talisman.

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love Usagi, depressed collapses onto the floor. In the darkness, Sailor Pluto appears (for the first time in a Sailor Moon Musical!) and tells her that she has been assigned the job of solitary guardian of space and time. Usgai comments on how strong she is.
King Endymion also appears in the shadows and reminds Usagi that she is also strong and asks her to remember her mother, Queen Serenity who gave her life so that others could live.
Sailor Pluto then tells her that she will send her to the base of the Death Busters. Usagi begins to walk towards the back of the stage and transforms into Princess Serenity!

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love At the Death Busters' base the real Tuxedo Mask is revealed to be one of the fakes. The one they "killed" runs on stage and begins to attack Tuxedo Mask. Sailor Chibi Moon who is being held captive screams out.
Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune appear and capture Ami's Pure Heart Crystal which turns out to not be a Talisman afterall. They send the crystal back to Ami and then all begin to fight however the Death Busters have the upper hand and begin to beat Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Uranus and Neptune.

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love Usagi appears in her Princess Serenity form and pleads with everyone to stop fighting. She continuously throws herself in front of those she loves but the Death Busters continue their attack, determined to kill Uranus, Neptune, Tuxedo Mask and finally Chibi Moon.

When all seems lost, Sailors Mars, Jupiter and Venus arrive.

Sailor Jupiter attacks with Jupiter Coconut Cyclone which shocks the enemy and Sailor Uranus uses World Shaking and Sailor Neptune, Deep Submerge to even the battlefield.

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love Sailor Mars attacks with her Mars Snak Fire and defeats one of the Death Manechas. Sailor Venus also destroys one with Venus Wink Chain Sword.

Tuxedo Mask then attacks the chubby Death Manechas and destroys it but is then attacked in turn by the leader who is in his true form, a muscular wrestler form. Sailor Jupiter tries to wrestle him off of Tuxedo Mask but she is also grabbed and they're both thrown down the stairs.

The leader picks up Chibi Moon and holds her up as a giant Kaorinite zaps her, killing her on the spot. Usagi then out of anger of losing both Ami and Chibi Usa transforms Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love into Sailor Moon and destroys Kaorinite with Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

Professor Tomoe then announces that the Daimon egg he holds in his hands in nuclear powered and will blow up, destroying everyone.

Sailor Mercury then arrives, having just been revived by the return of her Pure Heart Crystal and attacks the leader with Mercury Aqua Mirage which kills him. Professor Tomoe manages to avoid the atatck however and continues to taunt Sailor Moon who is now full of hatred towards him for killing Chibi Usa.

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love All of the Sailor Soldiers encourage Sailor Moon to feel her power of love as that is her true power. Sailor Mercury tells her that it was her heart calling out to her that revived her and that she's sure Chibi Usa can also hear her and that she believes in her.

Sailor War

All seven Sailor Soldiers combine their powers and attack with Sailor Planet Attack! After the lights subside Sailor Chibi Moon wakes up and thanks Sailor Moon and hugs Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love her. Sailor Moon returns the hug.

In the background Professor Tomoe, Kaorinite, the Death Manechas and the Death Nightmares have all been revived! Tomoe tells them that they'll regret not killing them and that they can attack anywhere at anytime!

Sailor Moon replies that they will all be ready and that the way to solve any conflict is not through violence and fighting but through love and compasion.

In a burst of light, Sailor Chibi Moon disapears in a flash with King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity, going back to the future.

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love The seven Sailor Sodliers then perform the energetic, upbeat; L'Amour D'Amour Moonlight

followed by a curtain call by every performer in the musical from the Death Nightmares to Sailor Moon due to a recording of; Solar Miracle Makeup

The entire cast then joins in for a repeat performance of; La Soldier

which finishes with a dramatic pose by the entire cast and Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask flying through the night sky.

Sailor Moon S: Usagi's Road to Becoming a Soldier of Love

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