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Sailor Moon: I'll Punish You! The House of Fortune is a Monster Mansion

Japanese Episode 2 (Missing Episode)

Sailor Moon

I'll Punish You! The House of Fortune is a Monster Mansion

A new fortune telling house has opened in Azabu Juban with girls lining up around the block to try it out.

Also in line is Jadeite who seems to be planning something.

Moments later he teleports to Queen Beryl who tells him that while they're searching for the Imperium Silver Crystal to supply them with energy they still need some source of power and commands him to collect human energy in the meantime. Jadeite tells her that he's already begun.

At Serena's house, Luna is trying to wake Serena up but to no avail. Eventually Serena does wake up and is shocked at the time. She yells at Luna for not waking her up and runs to school, arriving late.

She crawls along the floor to her chair hoping to sneak into the classroom unnoticed but Melvin sees her and yells out good morning. Miss Haruna yells at her and sends her to the principle's office.

Strangely Melvin goes with her. Serena asks him why he's also there but Melvin avoids the question.

Later on in the playground Melvin tells Molly that he loves Serena and wants to marry her. Molly laughs at him and tells him that it's impossible but he should ask a fortune teller to get some advice.

That afternoon, Serena decides to go to a fortune teller as well but goes to her usual one instead of the new popular one. The old man explains that business has been bad as everyone has been going to the new Fortune House across the road. Serena lets him read her palm and he tells her that a man that she is always around loves her.

As Serena leaves she thinks about what he said and comes to the conclusion that the man must be Andrew.

Serena drops by Crown Arcade and plays a game. Andrew helps her out by showing her how to play but they're both distracted by Luna. Andrew tells Serena that this cat has been hanging around a lot lately. Serena tells him that her name is Luna and that she's hers.

After Crown Arcade Serena walks past the new Fortune House with Luna and thinks about going inside. She decides to let luck decide and (strangely) decides to take off her shoe and throw it. Depending on how it lands she will go two either fortune teller. Unfortunately the shoe flies through the air and lands on Darien's head.

Darien tells her that if she doesn't act more lady like she'll never get a boyfriend.

Serena gets angry at him and walks away with Luna not in the mood for fortunes anymore.

Inside, Melvin is having his fortune read via tarot cards and is hypnotised by the fortune teller into being a servant of evil.

Back on the streets, Serena runs into her father who had been doing some shopping. Serena then thinks of Andrew and how she thinks he'll be just like her father.

Serena's father then asks Serena about Luna. Serena simply says that she's one of her friends. Her father says that she sure does have strange friends. Luna isn't impressed.

The next day at school, Melvin is obviously not himself. While talking to Serena and Molly he pulls up Miss Haruna's skirt, revealing her underwear and in class laughs loudly as he reads a comic book and another student (also hypnotised) trips Haruna over and speaks meanly to her.

Later that day Melvin and several other brainwashed boys begin to throw rocks at the school building's windows. A male teacher yells at them but hides when they throw rocks at him.

Molly and Serena approach them and are horrified when Melvin tries to forcefully kiss Serena. Serena begins to cry and scares Melvin and the others away.

Molly then mentions that one of those boys also went to the Fortune House. Serena then goes with Luna to investigate and after being reminded how to transform by Luna, transforms into Sailor Moon.

She breaks in and finds the fortune teller (obviously a Nega Monster) controlling all the students including Melvin. All the students then transform into zombies and attack Sailor Moon. The monster then also attacks Sailor Moon with her Medusa like hair. Sailor Moon manages to doge the move and attacks with Moon Tiara Magic which destroys the monster and frees the students.

In the Negaverse, all the energy Jadeite had been collecting from the students disappears.

Later that day Molly tells Melvin everything he had done. He apologises to Serena and then walks to school with Molly. Serena runs after them but trips and falls over.

Sailor Moon: I'll Punish You! The House of Fortune is a Monster Mansion

Monster of the Day

The Nega Monster didn't really have a name. She possessed some cool powers though including hypnosis, telekinesis and strong physical hair attacks.

She wasn't too strong though as Sailor Moon easily destroyed her with Moon Tiara Magic.

Interesting Facts

Why was this episode not dubbed? (speculation) There are a few reasons why I suspect this episode wasn't adapted for the English speaking market. One is that the episode as a whole was very sub par compared to other episodes in the series and featured Serena just going about her life for 99% of the episode and only transforming into Sailor Moon for a good 2 minutes towards the end. As a second episode it really doesn't impress and would have likely lost a lot of the audience rather than attracted new fans.
My second theory is that there was simply too many aspects that were offensive for the Western viewer.
  • Melvin's flipping of Haruna's skirt was bad enough but the actual panty shot was glamorised with special effects and music making the whole thing seem a little too fanservicy for young viewers.
  • Miss Haruna's reaction was also surprising as despite the fact she's a teacher and should have punished Melvin, she sits down and cries about the situation and begins to worry about how no man will ever want to marry her (a very dated attitude even by Japanese standards).
  • Melvin and the other boys throwing rocks at the classroom windows and when being yelled at by a male teacher continue to throw rocks despite the obvious danger.
  • Melvin attempting to forcefully kiss Serena and equally Molly's complete acceptance of this behaviour later on despite the fact she didn't know he was being controlled. Also Serena, despite her initial crying got over this whole scene incredibly quickly.
  • Serena looking at her father which triggers romantic feelings for Andrew which must have seemed innocent and classic on paper but seemed oddly disturbing on screen.
  • And finally the lack of accountability concerning Melvin and the other boys though this is probably due to the fact that Japanese schools don't as a rule suspend or expel students. Despite this being a cultural difference, even Japanese viewers would find this a bit funny that Melvin wouldn't even get a firm talking to by a teacher.
    Cutting all these scenes out would have made the story nonsensical and made the runtime far to short to air on tv.

    Despite this episode's shortcomings there were several small moments such as Serena forgetting her transformation phrase and Andrew and Serena's father both asking Serena about Luna that makes this episode worth watching.

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