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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Episode 162

SM SuperS

Show Time Showdown

Jap.162 "The Center of the Darkness: Dead Moon Circus"

Pegasus appears before the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask as they prepare to attack the Dead Moon Circus and the Sun begins to move into a full Lunar Eclipse. He tells them that while they're strong now is not the time.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Show Time Showdown Sailor Moon asks Pegasus who he is and he finally tells everyone that he is Helios, the guardian of Elysium the Kingdom of Dreams. He explains that Nehelenia has begun to spin her web of evil over this planet and that she was released from her curse by the people's lack of belief in their dreams.

He then reveals that the one thing that can save Earth is the Golden Crystal that's located in the horn on his head.

Sailor Venus says that it's simple Sailor Moon SuperS: Show Time Showdownthen as all he has to do is use the Golden Crystal to defeat Nehelenia. Sailor Mini Moon then explains that Pegasus can' use the crystal and that he's been looking all this time for the person that can.

Sailor Moon is shocked that Sailor Mini Moon knew all this the whole time and didn't say anything, especially because of how important it is. Pegasus says that he made her promise not to tell anyone and that the information on the Golden Crystal is a very private bit of information only held by the high priests of Elysium.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Show Time Showdown Pegasus then disappears.

Tuxedo Mask suddenly doubles over in pain. They take him back to his apartment where he lies in bed. He tells them that Pegasus had told him in a dream that he's body is weakening due to what's happening to his planet, Earth. Everyone leaves Serena alone with him. They kiss and she promises that she'll protect his planet and save him. Darien thinks to himself how much Serena has grown.

As she leaves Darien grabs his chest in pain and falls back onto his bed. Artemis, Luna and Diana race to his side and tell him to hang on.

In the Dead Moon Circus, Nehelenia Sailor Moon SuperS: Show Time Showdowngives the Amazon Quartet stronger powers to defeat the Sailor Scouts with.

Outside Crown, Serena, Rini, Raye, Lita, Amy and Mina are confronted by all the performers of the Dead Moon Circus. The Amazon Quartet then appear and invite them to go to the Dead Moon Circus Tent. They all then disappear.

The girls all transform and walk to the circus tent. On their way they surprise each other by revealing that they had each dreamt of a Pegasus when they were young and that they had thought it was just a dream but now they know that the Pegasus was real and that he was protecting their dreams.

Sailor Moon SuperS: Show Time Showdown Once inside the Quartet greet them and a battle breaks out. The Sailor Scouts fight back but eventually Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are trapped in a sticky goo. Suddenly Super Sailor Mini Moon's Crystal Bell materialises in front of her and begins to glow.

Queen Nehelenia who's by the unconcious Helios realises that Helios' body is glowing and realises that Mini Moon must be the holder of the Golden Dream Mirror where he is hiding!

Back in the battle, Mini Moon uses Crystal Twinkle Bell to Sailor Moon SuperS: Show Time Showdownsummon Helios' mind, Pegasus to her. Pegasus appears and uses his magic to free the Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Moon then attacks the Quartet with Moon Gorgeous Meditation but the attack is blocked by the arrival of Zirconia.

Zirconia uses Zircon and his staff to hit Mini Moon and reveal her Dream Mirror which is in fact the golden on that they were after! Pegasus is sucked into it and Mini Moon is then trapped by Zirconia inside a giant mirror.

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