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Hello there, Sailor Moon fan, and welcome to, a fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga, musicals, and classic 90s Sailor Moon anime to the PGSM live-action series, Sailor Moon Crystal, Eternal, and Sailor Moon Cosmos! The site can be navigated via the above main menu and via the side content. Sailor Moon Says!

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

Act.8 Minako - Sailor V -

Original Air Date: 18th October 2014

With the appearance of Sailor V, Zoisite realises that he’s outnumbered and teleports away. Tuxedo Mask also leaves, feeling ashamed that he couldn’t protect Sailor Moon.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.8 minako - sailor v -

Sailor Moon and the others wonder if this really is Sailor V who has appeared but Sailor V’s guardian cat, Artemis tells them all that they’re being rude and that Sailor V is their princess, Princess Serenity.

Upon hearing the princess’ name, Sailor Moon’s tiara transforms into a new, third form.

Sailor V leaps down to meet everyone and transforms into her civilian form right in front of their eyes. She tells them that her Earth name is Minako Aino and that she’s a regular school student.

They all go back to the control centre to meet Luna. Sailor V implies that she and Artemis used to use this same location as a base. She then tells them how she and Artemis had met long before they all met Luna and together they solved small, strange mysteries around town. Eventually though they realised a much more sinister force was behind these crimes; the evil being Queen Metalia and the Dark Kingdom.

Minako recounts how they had sealed Queen Metalia away in their past lives on the Moon but now in the present someone had broken that seal and awoken her.

Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto all promise to help Minako defeat Queen Metalia.

Minako then leaves and Artemis follows. He tells her that after working by herself for so long, she should trust these four girls. Minako firmly tells him that she has a mission only she can complete.

That night, Usagi has a nightmare. It looks like she is the princess and the prince in her dreams is called Endymion.

She goes for a walk and happens to run into him in Arisugawa Park. She tells him that she has his watch and wants to return it but he tells her that he has something of hers as well and that she can keep the watch for now and next time they’ll do a trade.

Artemis approaches Luna and tells her that it’s now time for her to remember everything.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite tells Queen Beryl that it is now his turn to act. He directly communicates with Minako and tells her to bring the Legendary Silver Crystal to Tokyo Tower or he will kill everyone in the city.

Minako heads to Tokyo Tower to face him but runs into Usagi, Makoto, Rei and Ami who invite her to dinner. She turns them down and continues walking towards Tokyo Tower.

Kunzite, tired of waiting and wanting Minako to hurry up, absorbs all of the energy of the people in the city and cuts off the electricity.

pretty guardian sailor moon crystal act.8 minako - sailor v -

Minako transforms and attacks Kunzite with Crescent Boomerang. He attacks her and almost knocks her off Tokyo Tower. Sailor Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter appear floating in a giant bubble which is flying them to Sailor V. They all agree to work together. Sailor Mars attacks with Akuryo Taisan, Jupiter with Supreme Thunder, Mercury with Sparkling Aqua Mist and Sailor Moon with Moon Healing Escalation. Unfortunately Kunzite blocks their attacks and blasts Sailor Moon.

Tuxedo Mask captures her and with a new determination, she kisses him and leaps back into battle. Up above, Kunzite is about to blast Sailor Moon with a super powerful attack. Tuxedo Mask flies up and shields Sailor Moon with his body.

Interesting Facts

Sailor Mercury yelled out "Sparkling Aqua Mist" during her attack in this episode but the subtitles (in several languages) listed it as "Mercury Aqua Mist".

While Usagi ran into Mamoru in the famous Ichinohashi Park with the circular archway in the manga, that park has since been demolished so the location was changed to the nearby Arisugawa Park for Sailor Moon Crystal. This suggests that Sailor Moon Crystal is in fact set in the present and not the 90s as many had assumed.

Shopping Info

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More information in the Sailor Moon Crystal DVD and Blu-ray Shopping Guide.

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