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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 21

Aired: 28th Feb 2004

Sailor Mercury has been taken by Kunzite. Black petals fly around the pavement where they had both been standing. Back at the karaoke room, Luna wakes up and is surprised to see Ami had left already. She then becomes concerned over what Ami had said earlier, about how all the girls had been drifting apart.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Elsewhere, Makoto is walking home, thinking about her confrontation with Tuxedo Mask who she now knows to be Mamoru, Motoki's friend and the man Usagi had fallen in love with.
In the flashback, Makoto punches Tuxedo Mask in the face and knocks him off his feet. He tells her that he had only been getting close to Usagi to get the crystal but he seems to be lying to himself. Makoto yells at him to stay away from them all.
Back in the present, Makoto wishes that she had punched him a second time.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Rei, meanwhile is confused as to what all of the Youma illusions meant and heads back to her temple. Minako and Artemis are also concerned as to what the enemy may be up to.
Usagi is at home, very depressed over discovering that Mamoru is engaged to Hina. The next day, Makoto drops by her house on her way to school, but is told by Ikuko that Usagi has been in her room and may be sick so won't be going to school.
Unfortunately when she gets to school, she sees that Ami has also not come. She asks Naru where Ami is and Naru says that she assumes Ami is sick today.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Makoto drops by Ami's place after school and finds Ami unconscious on her bed. She immediately gets to work and cooks Ami up a huge meal and nurses her back to health. Almost immediately, Ami becomes overly enthusiastic and energetic and begs Makoto to take her to a theme park. The both go and have a blast on lots of high speed rides. Makoto is wondering if Ami is okay as she's acting like a completely different person.
Ami then buys Makoto a green balloon and herself a blue one and then jumps on a merry-go-round as Makoto watches. While watching, Makoto runs into Motoki who had been taking his pet turtle out for some fresh air. Suddenly they see Ami's blue balloon floating up into the air and find Ami passed out on her horse!

Live Action Sailor Moon: Motoki drives them both to the hospital in his car (which is green and full of turtle toys and misc items). Ami is immediately placed in a room under care while Makoto and Motoki wait outside her room. Motoki tells Makoto that he has to go but gives her some coffee and loads of candy and snacks for her to eat while she waits. She thanks him. Unknown to her, black petals begin to fall from the air vent above her.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite is holding a black flower that is now in full bloom. He grasps his hand around it, sending the petals floating to the floor.

Live Action Sailor Moon: At the hospital, Makoto hears a nurse scream from Ami's room. She runs in and finds the nurse in shock on the floor and the room full of black petals.
Makoto contacts Usagi, Rei and Luna and tells them that Ami has been taken. Makoto then runs outside and naturally uses her nature powers to find Ami's location. She tracks her down to an old building where she finds her and Kunzite! She transforms into Sailor Jupiter and attacks Kunzite with punches and kicks as well as her special attacks but it's no use. Kunzite is too strong.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Sailor Jupiter yells at Ami to run but to her horror, Ami stands up and announces that she never asked for her help.
At that moment, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars arrive. Ami holds up her wrist as her transformation bracelet morphs into a darker version and she yells out "Dark Power" to transform into Dark Sailor Mercury!

Dark Sailor Mercury tells them that she is ready to fight them all and that there is now use in running. She smiles.

Interesting Facts

This is the first appearance of Dark Sailor Mercury who has been known in English and Japanese fan groups as "Darkury"!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD #6 Cover

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