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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Live Action Sailor Moon:

Pretty Guardian

Sailor Moon

Act 6

Aired: 8th Nov 2003

Yes, Mokoto appeared in the final shot of Act 5 but I think many fans consider Act 6 to be the first notable appearance of our very own live action Sailor Jupiter. Upon watching this episode, you may not realise it at first because it's been modernised so much, but it actually follows the manga introduction of Sailor Jupiter very closely. Instead of Mokoto falling for Motoki because of his resemblance to an old boyfriend, she is reminded of her old boyfriend when she sees a teenager playing basketball who happens to look like him. In short, the wedding shop has been replaced by a basketball game and players. Sounds strange but works remarkably well.

Live Action Sailor Moon: The action starts off before the credits this time instead of a recap as the previous acts featured. Basically Usagi, Naru and the girls (excluding Ami and Rei) are in full stalker mode screaming at the sexiness of a guy playing basketball. Usagi is even taking photos on her very large camera (which is strange since all phones in Japan feature digital cameras). Usagi gets too caught up in this however and realises too late that her friends have moved on. Usagi runs after them but instead of finding them, runs into three dangerous boys armed with.... a basketball! They peg the ball at Usagi but she's saved but Mokoto who quickly kicks the boys' arses and sends them on their way. Mokoto walks away, Usagi wonders what school uniform she's wearing and the opening credits begin.

Live Action Sailor Moon: Back in the Dark Kingdom Nephrite is trying to chat up Beryl who is very disapointed in him for constantly failing. Nephrite seems to be serving Beryl not out of loyalty but more out of love and lust. Beryl is aware of this (possibly the cause of it through some magical means?) and manipulates him to try harder by suggesting that she likes Jaedite more even though he also fails.

The next day at Usagi's school, Mokoto is experiencing her first day. Usagi and her friends see her and comment that she's very mysterious and start speculating on why she transfered from her old school. Mokoto decides to eat lunch on the roof, which coincidently is also where Ami is eating hers. The both nod at each other but still keep to themselves.

Live Action Sailor Moon: After school, Usagi, being the social networker that she is decides to become friends with Mokoto. Unlike Ami and Rei, Usagi finds that she has a lot in common with Mokoto like shopping, but to Usagi's suprise discovers that Mokoto's sense of fashion is very different from her own and very boyish, which she happens to tell everyone she introduces Mokoto to, like Rei who she introduces after their shopping spree. After Mokoto leaves, Rei and Luna both comment on how Mokoto could be the forth soldier they've been looking for. The next day, the sexy boy Live Action Sailor Moon: playing basketball appears to obviously be a ploy by the Dark Kingdom to collect energy as, while doing a slam dunk, makes his ball glow and subtly hypnotising all the girls watching including Naru and Mokoto. Later in the day, all the girls are summoned to the boy who transports them to another pocket dimension (note: a different pocket dimension than the one in Act 2).

Mokoto isn't summoned however as she has been tricked by those three boys from the begining into waiting for the sexy basketball player at a fountain. She waits Live Action Sailor Moon: and waits for several hours, it rains, ironic couples walk back and forth and finally the three boys show up and laugh. Usagi, Ami and Rei try to confort her but she decides to deal with it by herself. The girls decide to teach the boys a lesson by beating them at basketball and Mokoto is kidnapped by the Youma.

She punches the Youma, which frees all the captured school girls and transports everyone back to the real world. The Live Action Sailor Moon: Youma transforms and attacks Mokoto. While remembering how everyone has abandoned her, the spirit of Sailormoon walks up to her in her mind and gives her her transformation bracelet. Mokoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter, uses Supreme Thunder which destroys the Youma. Mars, Mercury and Moon approach and explain that she's a Sailor Soldier. Sailor Jupiter agrees to join them. Elsewhere a mysterious figure schemes. The first appearance of the live action Zoicite!

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