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Sailor Moon R Special: Make Up! Sailor Soldiers


Sailor Moon R

Make Up! Sailor Soldiers

Jap "Sailor Moon R Special Make Up! Sailor Soldiers"

Serena and Rini (along with Luna P) are relaxing and drinking some lemonade at an outdoor cafe when they overhear two women at the next table begin a conversation Sailor Moon R Special: Make Up! Sailor Soldiersabout the Sailor Scouts after they see a poster for the Sailor Moon R movie.

The two women begin to wonder who would be the smartest Sailor Scout and Usagi starts to get excited, hoping that they'll say her but of course they say the smartest is Sailor Mercury. Usagi thinks about it and agrees that Amy is the smartest among them.

They then begin to discuss who the most mysterious and lovely is. Serena gets her hopes up again but is naturally let down as they mention Sailor Mars. Serena makes a comment about her also being the most annoying but after thinking about it thinks that there's more to Raye than meets the eye such as her song writing and singing Sailor Moon R Special: Make Up! Sailor Soldiersskills.

Next they start to talk about who they think is the strongest Sailor Scout and of course the answer is Sailor Jupiter. Serena agrees and thinks about how strong Lita is but also how great at cooking she is.

The two women then wonder aloud who the most beautiful Sailor Scout would be. Serena hears this and tells Rini that for sure they're talking about Sailor Moon, but naturally they mean Sailor Venus. They reflect on how Sailor Venus has more a tragic past than her beauty lets on with a quick flashback to a Season One episode.

Sailor Moon R Special: Make Up! Sailor Soldiers One of the women then says that they've forgotten someone. Serena is sure that it's Sailor Moon, but it turns out they're thinking about Tuxedo Mask! Serena remembers how she and Tuxedo Mask were lovers in their past life when they were Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion.

Just as Serena thinks that they're about to finally talk about Sailor Moon, the two women stand up to leave. Not able to stand it anymore, Serena storms over and tells them that they've forgotten someone. They think about it for a bit and come up with Luna and Artemis!

Sailor Moon R Special: Make Up! Sailor SoldiersSerena tells them that they've forgotten a Sailor Scout. The two women then count on their fingers and realise that this is true and finally think of Sailor Moon! They talk about how she's the most popular and is very pretty and powerful... but she's also the biggest clutz and a huge crybaby. They tell Serena and Rini that that isn't a trait that makes anyone dislike her though.

The two women then say goodbye and Serena begins to cry about being called a crybaby.

Interesting Facts

The two women shown talking about the Sailor Scouts were really noone in particular. Just friendly strangers Serena and Rini happened to meet.

While this special has never been officially released in English, I'm using the English names of the characters here to avoid confusion and make reading Moonkitty.NET's episode guides a more seamless and natural experience.

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