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Sailor Moon R: Legend of the Negamoon

Episode 76

Sailor Moon R

Legend of the Negamoon

Jap.83 "The Shocking Future! Demand's Dark Ambition"

The Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, Artemis and Rini have all arrived in the future Neo Crystal Tokyo!

Sailor Moon R: Legend of the Negamoon Rini, eager to see her mother runs off into the mist. The Scouts begin to run after her but are stopped by a mysterious man walking towards them. He introduces himself as being Neo King Endymion, the future Tuxedo Mask!

Tuxedo Mask recognises his voice as the same one in his dream. Endymion explains that he knew Sailor Moon and he would be facing great challenges soon and he had to make sure their feelings for each other were true and strong enough to survive what's about to happen.

Sailor Moon R: Legend of the Negamoon He then leads them into the Crystal Palace where he reveals Rini who is fast asleep. He then goes on to explain that Rini is Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask's future daughter! This surprises everyone who had no idea until now.

Endymion then explains that during the 20th Century the entire planet was frozen over for a thousand years but then Sailor Moon, Neo Queen Serenity awoke everyone with the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal and the entire planet live peaceful and prosperous lives. All bad people were given the chance to be healed by the power of the Sailor Moon R: Legend of the Negamoon Imperium Silver Crystal and those who weren't were banished to space.

Years later the Nega Moon, Nemesis was finally detected due to it's erratic orbit but it was too late.

He continues to explain that the Imperium Silver Crystal went missing and the people of the Nega Moon used this opportunity to attack Neo Crystal Tokyo. Neo Queen Serenity was attacked by before she could be hit by the blast she was encased in a quartz shield by Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus who then raised a shield Sailor Moon R: Legend of the Negamoon around the entire palace.

His explanation is cut short by the arrival of Prince Diamond who hits everyone with an energy blast and kidnaps Sailor Moon! Tuxedo Mask goes after her. The Sailor Scouts start to leave too but Neo King Endymion tells them that Tuxedo Mask needs to do this by himself.

Later, Serena wakes up in a strange bed, wearing clothes that look just like Neo Queen Serenity's. She panics and begins looking for her Moon Compact but finds it right next to her. She tries to transform but is unable to.

Sailor Moon R: Legend of the Negamoon Prince Diamond enters and tells her it won't work this close to the Dark Crystal's energy. He then opens his third eye and begins to hypnotise Serena into being his forever.

Luckily Tuxedo Mask arrives and attacks him with a rose. He manages to grab Serena, and together they flee on a glider which heads back to the Crystal Palace.

Sailor Moon R: Legend of the Negamoon From below, Emerald watches them escape. Sapphire appears next to her and asks her what she's doing letting them escape like this. She is obviously jealous of Prince Diamond's love for Sailor Moon.

Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon land at the top of the palace in the gardens and the two embrace.

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