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Sailor Moon R: Future Shocked

Episode 75

Sailor Moon R

Future Shocked

Jap.82 "Travel into the Future! Battle in the Time Corridor"

Rini is a bit concerned about taking everyone with her to the future. Tuxedo Mask tells her that she has to believe in Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts which cheers her up Sailor Moon R: Future Shocked a bit. Sailor Moon and the others arrive behind them and Rini tells them it's time. She activates the Space Time Key and opens the Gate of Time which engulfs everyone in a bright pink light.

Moments later, Sailor Moon finds herself all alone in a foggy limbo. She begins to wonder if this is the future but is quickly attacked by a mysterious figure with a staff. Luckily Rini and the others who were nearby arrive and scream for her to stop.

The fog clears and the figure's revealed to be Sailor Pluto! She apologises to Sailor Moon and explains that the fog hid her identity, making her think she was an Sailor Moon R: Future Shocked intruder.

Sailor Pluto then turns to Rini and asks her what she's doing, using the Space Time Key. Rini apologises as she knows Sailor Pluto told her not to use the key but Sailor Pluto smiles and congratulates Rini on finally mastering it's use. She then opens the Gate of Time for everyone and sends them on their way to the future.

As they're floating away, Luna tells them that Sailor Pluto is guarded with the solitary duty of guarding the gate of space and time. The Sailor Sailor Moon R: Future Shocked Scouts comment on what a lonely existence it must be for her.

Suddenly Emerald appears and blasts them all, causing them to split up and fly in different directions!

Emerald then summons the Genie of the Time Warp and tells her to track down Small Lady.

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts stand up and realise that Tuxedo Mask, Rini, Luna and Artemis are missing. All of a sudden Sailor Moon's Moon Compact opens and Sailor Moon R: Future Shocked the Imperium Silver Crystal begins to flash. In the distance they all see a similar pink light flashing in time with the crystal and begin walking towards it.

Elsewhere, Tuxedo Mask, Luna and Artemis are completely lost. They begin to walk in one direction but a voice tells them that they're going the wrong way. Luna and Artemis wonder about trusting this voice, but Tuxedo Mask recognises it as the voice from his dream and decides to follow it.

Sailor Moon R: Future Shocked Near the second Time Gate, Rini appears and is happy to have found but is conflicted about going on without everyone else or looking for them. The Genie of the Time Warp then appears and attacks her. Rini uses Kitty Magic to transform Luna P into a sling shot and fires it at the Droid. It doesn't seem to have much effect though.

Luckily the Sailor Scouts appear and begin to attack her but the Droid's powers of time manage to reverse all the attacks back on the Scouts! Sailor Mercury analyses the Droid with her visor and realises that right after she uses her time powers she's vulnerable.

Sailor Moon R: Future Shocked Rini then uses her sling shot powered up by her Moon Beam as the Sailor Scouts power up their powers and release Sailor Planet Attack. Tuxedo Mask arrives and gets Rini to safety as the attacks hit and the Genie of the Time Warp is destroyed.

They all then continue on to the future through the gate and are horrified to find that Neo Crystal Tokyo is completely in ruin.

Sailor Moon R: Future Shocked

Monster of the Day

The Genie of the Time Warp appears to actually live in the Time Warp and possesses the abilities of flight, time manipulation and the power of evil hair extensions!

She had the honour of being destroyed by the powerful Sailor Planet Attack.

Interesting Facts

While Sailor Pluto had appeared via static images and holograms, this was the first time the Sailor Scouts had met her in person.

This episode featured the final Monster of the Day in Sailor Moon R!

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