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Sailor Moon R: Secret Garden

Episode 52

Sailor Moon R

Secret Garden

Jap.58 "The Disagreeing Feeling of Love! The Makaiju's Anger"

Serena is once more walking by herself and looking for something to eat. Coincidently, Alan sees her and begins to follow her and eventually asks Serena out to lunch.

In a nearby bookshop, Anne comes across Darien reading a book called "Luna". She then throws herself at him and he offers to buy her lunch. The two make their way to an outdoor restaurant and run into Serena and Alan.

Sailor Moon R: Secret Garden Anne and Alan are furious to see each other with someone else and the two leave and head back to their apartment. Once they get inside, they're horrified to find the Doom Tree is dying! They both realise that they've spent all of their time pursuing fun and romance instead of doing what they were supposed to; gather energy for the Doom Tree.

The next day, Serena and Luna go to watch a live action performance of Sailor Moon! Serena is hyped to see how popular Sailor Moon is among the people of Tokyo. Molly and Melvin are also there and are enjoying the whole spectacle.

Sailor Moon R: Secret Garden Suddenly a new Cardian, Fourface appears and drops huge cherry blossom petals which electrocute anyone they touch and drain all their energy. Serena is shocked to see everyone, especially Molly and Melvin lying on the ground. She and Luna come to the conclusion that the Negaverse aliens must be behind it.

At Allan and Anne's apartment, Fourface sprinkles the gathered energy onto the Doom Tree but the tree doesn't respond. They both panic because if the Doom Tree dies then they die too!

They both decide to skip school the next day to focus on their immediate problem. Unfortunately Serena, Lita and Amy decide to go and check on them after school finishes to make sure they're both okay.

Sailor Moon R: Secret Garden Alan is very happy to see them and invites them in but Anne is furious and acts very rudely towards them. While Lita and Anne fight with each other, Serena decides to check out their place and begins to walk into "Alan's bedroom". Alan and Anne yell at her not to go in with Alan telling her that the place is just a mess. Serena, Lita and Amy decide to leave.

The next morning though, Serena decides to come by before school starts and see if they want to walk to school together. Alan once more welcomes her in which makes Anne furious. While the two talk in the kitchen, Serena decides to check out Alan's room once more and is attacked by the Doom Tree which fires enormous roots at her! Alan and Anne hear her screaming and rescue her. Alan explains that the tree is just his experiment for "Space Science Class". Serena buys this and leaves.

After she's left, Anne and Alan discover that the tree has begun growing new shoots! Anne comes to the conclusion that it must love Serena's energy and they both agree to feed her to the Doom Tree!

Sailor Moon R: Secret Garden At school, Lita notices something in Serena's hair and knocks it off with a twig. It turns out it's a piece of the Doom Tree that attacked Serena! Amy, Lita and Serena gather around it and are shocked when it starts to move!

Later that day they give it to Luna and Artemis who examine it and come to the conclusion that it lets of the same energy as the Cardians but it's a biological entity. Raye says that she's always felt something strange about Anne and Alan and they all agree that they're from the Negaverse.

Sailor Moon R: Secret Garden Serena isn't sure though and heads on over to their apartment by herself to check them out one more time. Unfortunately she runs into Darien who is bringing Anne flowers. He tells her though that they're thank you flowers for her helping him out in his play.
The two head up and are invited by Anne and Alan to have tea with them. Eventually Anne suggests that Alan show Darien their view from their balcony while she and Serena talk. Once the men are gone, Anne talks Serena into having a look at Alan's tree. She pushes Serena inside the dark room and commands Fourface to drain her energy. Fourface does so and begins to give the energy to the Doom Tree.

Sailor Moon R: Secret Garden Suddenly the Doom Tree screams out "ENOUGH! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" and begins to go crazy, shooting roots all over and throughout the building! While still holding onto Serena, the tree attacks Fourface and knocks it unconscious.

Artemis, Luna, Amy, Lita, Raye and Mina arrive at the bottom. They transform into their Sailor Scouts forms and try to break in. Sailor Jupiter fires a Jupiter Thunder Crash at the giant roots blocking their entrance but it's no use. They all look up at the giant Doom Tree which has no completely covered the building. Serena's screams can be heard yelling for help.

Sailor Moon R: Secret Garden

Monster of the Day

Fourface is a rather exceptional Cardian. Not only is it the first one not to be seen in it's card form but it is also the first Cardian to survive and entire episode!

While it seems to possess four different personalities due to it's four faces (hence it's name) it's actual powers include flight and the ability to release giant sakura petals that can shock anyone it touches and drain it's energy.

Interesting Facts

Darien is seen reading a book with the English title, "Luna" on the cover. Is this a sign that he's remembering his past or is it simply a coincidence? Your guess is as good as mine.

While not too amazing this episode showed one of the few instances of Serena, Amy and Lita all interacting with each other together at school. Normally it's either Serena with Amy or Serena with Lita. Very rarely do we see them together like this. If you were wondering about Mina and Raye, they of course both go to completely different schools than the others.

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