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Hello and welcome to, a Sailor Moon fansite dedicated to all incarnations of the series from the manga and anime to the musicals and live action tv series! ~ Your Fellow Moonie, Brad

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Sailor Moon:

Japanese Episode 20 (Missing Episode)

Sailor Moon

Summer! Sea! Youth! And a Ghost

Serena, Amy, Raye and Luna have decided to head out of Tokyo for the weekend for some Sailor Soldier training.

All Serena can think about however is the hotel they'll be staying at that was advertised as having a private beach. She immediately begins to fantasise about all the hunks on the beach and incorporates Andrew and Tuxedo Mask into her fantasy.

When she snaps out of her day dreaming she realises Amy, Raye and Luna have left her and headed off to find the hotel.

As soon as she catches up to them, a storm picks up. They see a little girl called Sakiko holding a bunch of flowers. Serena screams at first but they quickly follow the girl to a giant European style house which happens to be the hotel they're staying at.

As they knock on the door they're greeted by three monsters! Serena screams hysterically though it quickly becomes apparent that they are the staff of the hotel in costume.

A creepy man appears behind them and yells at the girl to come inside. The man appears to be her father.

Serena freaks out again and Raye tells her to cut it out as it's embarrassing.

That night in her room Serena is talking to Luna when they hear a knocking noise coming from outside her room. The door opens and the employee with the long hair appears from the doorway's top right corner. Serena screams hysterically. Raye and Amy run in to see what's wrong. The employee turns out to be standing on a ladder in the hallway fixing a light. Raye looks at Serena angrily and chases her around her room.

In another wing of the building Sakiko looks out of her window at Serena's room and tells her father that they seem like nice girls. Her father commands her not to go anywhere near them.

Later on as the girls are sitting down for dinner and Serena is getting constantly startled by the employees' costumes a loud weird noise is heard. Everyone freaks out and assumes it's a ghost. Amy asks Raye if she thinks it could be the enemy, but Raye says that the energy she feels is different.

In Sakiko's room, her father is hypnotising her with a gold pendulum, slowly putting her in a trance.

The next day the girls go down to the beach for some fun but quickly become disappointed when they realise that no-one else is on the beach.

Serena sees Amy reading a book and takes the book out her her hands and makes her promise to have fun and not study. Raye can't believe Amy would bring her books to a beach.

Up above them on a cliff Sakiko looks at the girls. That night the employee dressed as the werewolf sits on the roof and howls at the moon.

Serena takes a bath and constantly checks to make sure Luna is keeping guard while Raye sets up anti-demon charms in her room. Just outside her room she sees the employees up to something and becomes suspicious.

Outside on the cliff Amy walks up to Sakiko and asks her if she feels lonely. She tells her that she should become friends with Serena as that's what worked for her. Sakiko's father comes up to them and drags Sakiko back into the hotel.

Amy follows them and listens as Sakiko's father reminds his daughter how he's trying to boost her psychic powers through hypnosis. He then begins to hypnotise her and asks her to summon a ghost once more.

Downstairs Serena has joined Raye and they both confront the employees who it turns out are simply trying to hold a ceremony to cleanse the building of evil spirits. All of the sudden furniture begins to move and Raye senses the powerful presence as before.

Upstairs Amy interrupts the hypnosis which causes Sakiko's powers to go crazy. The "ghost" that she summoned loses control and throws the father out of the room's window. The employees begin to panic while Amy, Raye and Serena transform in secret.

Sailor Moon attacks the ghost with Moon Tiara Magic but the attack goes right through the "ghost".

Sailor Mercury runs to Sakiko and snaps her out of her trance. As she does so she's thrown away by the ghost. Sakiko's father runs up to her an appologises for pushing her too far. The "ghost" turns to attack him but Sakiko holds out her hands and yells for it to stop. A huge burst of energy flies from her body and destroys the being.

The next morning Sakiko plays with the girls on the beach with her father's blessing. Everyone is happy.

Sailor Moon:

Monster of the Day

Unlike other episodes in the first season, the "Monster of the Day" here is in fact a manifestation of Sakiko's psychic powers.
Being purely psychic (kind of sounds like a Pokemon profile) this episode showed that all of the Sailor Scouts' attacks were ineffective against psychic type enemies. ;)
The manifestation was eventually defeated by Sakiko herself, who took control of the situation and her powers.

Interesting Facts

Something that you may not have noticed is that unlike all the other episodes in the season, none of Beryl's minions appear in this episode and even Tuxedo Mask doesn't make an appearance (outside of Serena's dream sequence) making it the first time the girls have to solve their own problem. Ironically this time though they're saved by Sakiko.

None of the Sailor's attacks seem to have any effect on the "ghost" summoned though strangely Sailor Mars never tries any of her mystical powers on it (despite the charms she places in the hotel). This episode would have been the perfect opportunity for Raye to show off her powers as dealing with evil spirits is her thing.

The scene with Serena taking the book away from Amy is almost identical to Sailor Mercury's flashback scene on the asteroid during "Moon Revenge" in the Sailor Moon R Movie though the dialogue seems to be much longer here.

The Japanese voice actress for Sakiko, Yuriko Fuchizaki would return to Sailor Moon in Sailor Moon S to voice Cyprine (one of the Witches 5 / Deathbusters). She also voiced the famous painter in another first season episode.

Every season of the Sailor Moon anime (indeed almost every anime!) has a special stand alone "Summer Beach Special" episode that takes the characters and sends them to... the beach. The main purpose is almost always fanservice (shots of the female characters in swimsuits) for the older straight male fans and very little impact on the overal plot is made. Both of these reasons is probably why it was not adapted for the English language release.

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